Victory Gardens Mad Lib for All Ages

An edible garden can help you cut costs & ease anxiety. Learn more with this family-friendly victory gardens mad lib! Victory Gardens Mad Lib Result – Inspired by Facts – Grow your own dinner! Nowadays many people cover their land with , as you know, and trim the growth every week or two. This might

Lockdown Tips Mad Lib

Make real fake tips about lockdown food, water and entertainment. Your lockdown tips mad lib will show below! Lockdown Tips Mad Lib – Inspired by Facts – Is your home ready for a lockdown? Check these tips from lockdown expert . Clean water is life! says to store gallons/day per person. This should be enough

Social Distancing Mad Lib

Going bonkers in isolation? Play the social distancing mad lib! Your story will appear below. SOCIAL DISTANCING MAD LIB – Inspired by Actual Events – It’s week of social distancing. It feels like a lifetime! Normally I work as a traveling for . But since the government considers my job “non-essential,” I’m staying home. I