Get grown-up word game books for 4/20 and anytime. Buy the “420Libs” series on Amazon, or request the books through your favorite local bookshop. Most popular is the “Mixed Bag Edition” below.

“Outer Space Edition”

Cover of "420Libs Outer Space Edition" with sun smoking a joint
Can you smoke in outer space? Explore this burning question and related topics with “420Libs: Outer Space Edition,” a fill-the-blanks book with original illustrations of pot-enhanced space travel.

“Mixed Bag Edition”

420Libs book cover
Fill a bowl & fill the blanks! Have fun with topics like “How to Help a Too-High Friend” and “Cover the Cannabis Scent.” This is the best-selling 420Libs book.

“Holidaze Edition”

Stay chill with Frosty the Stoned Man! Holidaze has fill-the-blank games for the winter holiday season. Stories cover HalloWEED, Danksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah.
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“Business Edition”

420Libs: Business Edition
It’s like “Mad Libs” for the cannabis industry! Fill the blanks to tell tales about budtending, hot cannabis stocks, 420-friendly dating services, and other cannabis business topics.

“Love Edition”

A fun mix of weed-friendly word games! Enjoy a cannabis crossword, fill-the-blank stories, word searches & more. Each game involves some kind of love – the love of music, romantic love, etc.