Lockdown Tips Mad Lib

Make real fake tips about lockdown food, water and entertainment. Your lockdown tips mad lib will show below!

Lockdown Tips Mad Lib

– Inspired by Facts –

Is your home ready for a lockdown? Check these tips from lockdown expert .

Clean water is life! says to store gallons/day per person. This should be enough for essentials, cleaning your precious and keeping your clean enough for the dentist. Says , “You have more storage space than you think. I stash water bottles inside , in , and under . You could also keep water in your teapots and old . Get creative!”

As for food, says to store more snacks than expected. “For good mental health, you’ll need treats like salty or fried . Personally I crave crunchy . I also keep a jug of wine and a pallet of THC-infused in the garage.”

Finally, prepare lots of low-tech entertainment. says, “My quarantine kit includes a copy of , all the issues of , , and other classic reading material.”

For fun beyond print, the lockdown expert has stashed away pounds of herb, a deck of cards, and a surrealist jigsaw puzzle that shows with . Also ready to go: craft supplies, a DIY kit, and everything you need to start up the hobby of indoor . Talk about being well-prepared!

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