Online Wordsearch: The Way We Were

Find 10 activities that people enjoyed in the Before Times! Print the puzzle, or click to solve online; on a desktop/laptop computer you can easily drag the cursor to circle words. BOBBING FOR APPLES CLEVER HANDSHAKES CRUISES GROUP HUGS POTLUCK PUFF PUFF PASS RIDING IN CLOWN CARS SPIN THE BOTTLE THE TANGO TWISTER

Weed Word Game: Turn Seed Into Hemp

Turn SEED into HEMP in minutes! Just change one letter for each step, writing a real word each time. First try solving without clues. ? You can scroll down for hints and the solution. Clues I would ____ the farmer’s advice about pests. He has a cool ____ in a crisis. He blushes when I

Cannabis Crossword

“Words for the Cannabis Community” Play a cannabis crossword online! Click below to show the interactive crossword puzzle “Words for the Cannabis Community.” The game will open on this page. Look for clues at the bottom of the game square. Play more games! Check out 420Libs: Mixed Bag Edition for grown-up fun with words.