Easy Grid Logic Problem: Weed Work Shifts

A game from 420Libs: Lockdown Edition! Potville Oil Distillery makes THC and CBD oils. For safety during a virus outbreak, each lab worker has a solo shift. Can you figure out each worker’s age and start time? Hints Solution Attachments Weed-Work-Shifts-420Libs.com_ (104 kB)Weed Work Shifts – 420Libs.com (104 kB)

Mixed Prerolls Logic Problem

Luckily for budtenders, questions like these aren’t on dispensary job applications. But could you save the day? “A delivery to High Peeps Dispensary is faulty. Three boxes of prerolled joints are marked with each other’s labels: SATIVA, INDICA, and SATIVA & INDICA. How could you take just one joint from one box to figure out

Logic Problem: Dispensary versus Fools

Imagine that you’re headed to the Emerald City Dispensary. It’s been a joyous journey! But when the path forks ahead, you won’t know which way to go. You know that: — In one direction is the Land of Fools, where people say weed is bad. They always get the answer wrong.  — In the other