Logic Problem: Dispensary versus Fools

Imagine that you’re headed to the Emerald City Dispensary. It’s been a joyous journey! But when the path forks ahead, you won’t know which way to go. You know that:

— In one direction is the Land of Fools, where people say weed is bad. They always get the answer wrong. 

— In the other direction is the Emerald City, where people smoke weed. They have all the right answers.

You see a man resting on the bench where the road splits. What single question could you ask him to know the way to the Emerald City?

Scroll down for the solution.

Solution: Ask “Which direction do you live?” Someone from the City of Fools would get the answer wrong and point to the Emerald City. Someone from the Emerald City would tell the truth and also point that way!

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