Mixed Prerolls Logic Problem

Luckily for budtenders, questions like these aren’t on dispensary job applications. But could you save the day?

“A delivery to High Peeps Dispensary is faulty. Three boxes of prerolled joints are marked with each other’s labels: SATIVA, INDICA, and SATIVA & INDICA. How could you take just one joint from one box to figure out what’s where?”

The solution is beneath the picture.


Take a preroll from the box marked SATIVA & INDICA. 

If that preroll is a sativa, you know that the box should be labeled SATIVA because all of the labels are wrong… And therefore you know the box marked SATIVA must be INDICA (because if it were labeled SATIVA & INDICA, the INDICA box would be labeled correctly, and it isn’t). And thus the one marked INDICA is actually packed with both SATIVA & INDICA prerolls. 

Alternately, using the same logic, if you took an indica preroll from the box marked SATIVA & INDICA, then you would know that this box should be marked INDICA, the one marked INDICA must have SATIVA prerolls only, and the one marked SATIVA must be SATIVA & INDICA.

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