Weed Word Game: Turn Seed Into Hemp

Turn SEED into HEMP in minutes! Just change one letter for each step, writing a real word each time. First try solving without clues. ? You can scroll down for hints and the solution. Clues I would ____ the farmer’s advice about pests. He has a cool ____ in a crisis. He blushes when I

Cannabis Crossword

“Words for the Cannabis Community” Play a cannabis crossword online! Click below to show the interactive crossword puzzle “Words for the Cannabis Community.” The game will open on this page. Look for clues at the bottom of the game square. Play more games! Check out 420Libs: Mixed Bag Edition for grown-up fun with words.

Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving Recipes

Get baked with a 420-friendly holiday dish Have a happier holiday with weed! All recipes below are vegetarian and cannabis-infused. The list starts with munchies and ends with dessert. Sweet & Spicy THC Nuts Recipe for sweet & spicy nut mix tossed with cannabis butter at CannabisCheri.com Ganja Guacamole  Avocado meets THC oil at OriginalWeedRecipes.com Peach

Hemp in Art History

Fun cannabis fact: The word canvas means “made of hemp!” It comes from a Latin word for the cannabis plant. Before marijuana prohibition in 1937, artists could easily find hemp cloth for paintings. They preferred hemp to other fibers because it’s more resistant to environmental threats (e.g., moisture and mold) and works beautifully with oils.