Trippy Animated GIFS

Unwind with trippy animated GIFs… inspired by cannabis and our amazing universe.

Rainbow sunrise by Trippyogi
Trippy Tunnel Animated GIF via Tenor
Sunny Animated GIF via Wifflegif
Ever been this high?
Magical realism found at
Chill trip animated GIF via Giphy
Trippy kitty; wandered in from
Spherical trippy GIF
Trippy animated sphere from Whispy
Trippy eyeball in an endless loop,
via Reddit
Rainbow pinwheel animated GIF via

Bottomless Bag of Weed via Giphy
Trippy cat animated GIF via Imgur
Virtual lava lamp by Ori Toor
Trippy cat! “Smoke Weed Every Damn Day”
A 420Libs PSA
Trippy Sunset Ride… A favorite animated GIF on Pinterest

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