Treat yourself and smart stony friends! Get grown-up word game books for 4/20 and anytime. Buy the “420Libs” series on Amazon, or order the books through your favorite local bookshop.

“Love Edition”

A fun mix of weed-friendly word games! Play a cannabis crossword, adult mad libs & more… all with themes of love (music love, romantic love, etc).

“Holidaze Edition”

Stay chill with Frosty the Stoned Man! Holidaze has fill-in-the-blank games for the winter holiday season.
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“Lockdown Edition”

Keep your wits! The lockdown game book features quarantine-themed stories, word searches and more. Amazon

“Mixed Bag Edition”

420Libs book cover
Fill a bowl & fill the blanks! Have fun with topics like “How to Help a Too-High Friend” and “Cover the Cannabis Scent.”

“Business Edition”

420Libs: Business Edition
It’s like “Mad Libs” for the cannabis industry! Tell tales of hot cannabis stocks, 420-friendly dating services, and other business trends.