Hemp in Art History

Fun cannabis fact: The word canvas means “made of hemp!” It comes from a Latin word for the cannabis plant.

Before marijuana prohibition in 1937, artists could easily find hemp cloth for paintings. They preferred hemp to other fibers because it’s more resistant to environmental threats (e.g., moisture and mold) and works beautifully with oils. As noted in the cannabis game book 420Libs: Business Edition:

To celebrate hemp in art history, here are some 420-friendly GIFs inspired by a few artists who painted in hemp’s first era of domination…

Da Vinci puff & pass from Giphy
Also inspired by da Vinci: Stony Monalisa with a bong, via Pinterest
Van Gogh’s bedroom as seen at Weed Memes
Parody of Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring” posted once upon a time on Instagram

Learn more about hemp in classic art history with a 420Libs book.

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