Learn how to solve an easy grid logic problem! These hints are for the Weed Work Shifts puzzle.

To start, what can we learn from the first clue? Here’s the clue with important info in bold: The eldest worker takes the shift right before Herb’s.

Logic tells us three things:

Herb isn’t the oldest worker. The oldest worker has an earlier shift.

Herb doesn’t have the earliest shift. The oldest worker works earlier.

The oldest worker doesn’t have the last shift. He or she works before Herb.

So, we can put Xs to mark what’s false. (Herb isn’t 54, and he doesn’t work at 6 am. And the oldest worker doesn’t start at 9.) The grid now looks like this:

Next, clue #2 lets you add two Xs.

With clue #3 you’ll mark your first O. And since Dr. Dankson is 40 years old, they aren’t 25, etc… so add some Xs too.

Based on #3 you can also put Xs to show that nobody besides Dankson is 40. Now part of the logic grid solution looks like this:

A final hint for newbies: After you read the clues once, read them again! When you have new info on your grid, a clue can give you even more info than it did before.